10 / 02 / 07 ..... After what seems like forever since we lost Mesa Marin, we are going racing again! Well ok, grant
you the track isn't finished yet but, its very exciting to think that in the spring of 2008 it will be ready and
hopefully we will be ready too. A few weeks ago I purchased two 1977 Chevrolet Novas. Strangely enough I have a
primary car and a backup car. This is something I have never had in previous years of racing.
I have applied for my number but as of this moment I am not positive I will get it. Numbers will not be finalized
until the middle of this month. Previous number holders from 2005 have first right to purchase their number.
Incase my number is taken the other two numbers I have applied for are 25 and 75.
I have begun to strip the primary car to prepair it for its rollcage. This is just the begining of this cars journey from
street car to race car. Check in from time to time for updates in the building process of the car and the team.
07 / 13 / 08 ...... Well there have been some delays in the completion of our track. As of the moment no work has
been completed since the begining of this year. At the time that work stopped there was some question as to when
the track might be finished. I stopped working on my street stock as well. I heard a rumor they might start working
on the track again and I don't know if it is true or not but I have the bug to build a race car so I started working on
the car again. Mind you I have a very small budget so I am in no rush, but I have started working on it anyway. I
hope to finish my car in time to be used as a test vehicle for tire testing and gear rule testing. Oh by the way I never
got a answer on my number....